Roomstyler 3D home planner app

Roomstyler 3D home planner app

There are several options when looking for a 3D home planner app, but the features you are most interested in are the same regardless of the type you choose. Listed below are the features of the three best options, including price, accuracy, and user interface. If you are looking for a new design tool, Roomstyler may be worth a try. You can also try out other similar apps to get ideas.


The free Roomstyler 3D home planner app offers a range of features that will help you to make a floorplan. It is easy to use, and it includes millions of 3D room designs. Roomstyler is a great tool for anyone considering a room remodel. However, it does have a few limitations. It doesn’t offer a real 3D viewing mode, or a walkthrough. It doesn’t offer local save options either, but you can share your finished plans online.

The Roomstyler 3D home planner app features a 2D window that shows items in 3D. The camera can be adjusted in various ways. By default, it’s wide-angle, but it can also be rotated and titled to ensure a clear view of the room. You can also customize the camera height and width. Unlike some other apps, Roomstyler 3D home planner app allows you to add furniture and view it in 3D.

Users can share their designs with others to help inspire others. However, Roomstyler lacks many useful features. While it’s free, it lacks some useful customization options. The interface is somewhat clunky, and the 3D navigation and editing options are limited. The interface is also not terribly intuitive. Users must use a mouse to move the camera and then drag objects around to make their rooms look as they would in 3D.

This app’s 3D technology helps you visualize how your home would look like in virtual reality. You can create a floor plan and insert furniture to make it look like a real space. You can even change or delete existing rooms and edit them. Once you’re happy with the layout, all you have to do is add new furniture and accessories from the app’s catalogue. There’s a lot more to this app than just adding new items.


The Roomstyler 3D home planner app works in 2D and displays items in a 3D window. Users can adjust the cameras in many ways, such as tilting them and resizing them. The software generates high resolution images and doesn’t limit camera height, either. It will also allow users to upload their designs to Facebook. Roomstyler’s price is currently unavailable, but it can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

The app comes in PC and mobile versions, and is easy to use. It has a decent library of free furniture and accessories. Users report an easy import feature. And they can view finished designs on their smartphone apps. Roomstyler meets most basic design requirements and offers plenty of inspo for decorating. Its limited furniture and color options are a downfall, though. Those with a design background will get more value from Roomstyler.


Accuracy is one of the most important factors to look for in any room design software. With this kind of software, you can easily and accurately visualize the interior of your home. The app also has the ability to add furniture, including branded ones. However, you cannot resize these items unless you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you’re using a professional room planner, you’ll want to choose an app that supports metric measurements.

One of the major benefits of using this type of app is its user-friendly interface. It also allows you to switch between various design modes, and it offers you a large canvas for sketching. This type of home planning software also provides you with accurate dimensions of the items you add to your design. The app has millions of other 3D room models on its database, so you’ll never run out of ideas.

Another great feature of the Roomstyler 3D home planner app is that it works in two-dimensional mode, but displays the items in a 3D window. Its cameras are adjustable in several ways. By default, the cameras are wide-angle, but you can change them by tilting them, rotating them, and titling them. Moreover, the camera is able to generate high-resolution images. There’s no limit on the height of the camera either.

Another great feature of the Roomstyler 3D home planner is that it allows users to create 3D floor plans and interior designs within minutes. With this tool, you can also add furniture and windows, change colors, and take interactive virtual tours of the rooms you’ve created. The app is available in various languages and features a wide variety of options. It’s free, and you can download it for free from the Roomstyler website.

User interface

The User Interface of Roomstyler 3D home planner app is remarkably easy to use. You can switch between two modes, design mode and room layout mode, and even change the camera angles. You can even choose floor plans with dedicated templates for outdoor seating areas, studio apartments, and more. As a bonus, you can access millions of 3D rooms to find the best layout for your space. Moreover, you can save and export your floor plans as well as manipulate them.

In the User Interface, you can also add furniture and accessories to your room. You can add any type of object, from furniture to lamps and curtains. You can also add branded objects to your room, but the sizes are fixed. Customization is not possible. This app also supports metric and Imperial measurements. It also allows you to view images of other objects and rooms. However, you will have to pay for the options to change the dimensions.

If you’re looking for a simple, yet effective way to design your home, Roomstyler might be the ideal solution. The app allows you to upload your finished designs to Facebook. It also features a large library of items. However, there are some glitches in the user interface. Regardless of its flaws, it’s worth a shot. If you’re planning to redesign your living room or add a new bedroom, Roomstyler is one of the best apps on the market today.

Roomstyler 3D home planner app is an excellent choice for beginners. It allows you to create a virtual room from scratch or drag and drop pre-designed shapes to your room. Once you have a floorplan and have added furniture and accessories, you can then customize your interior finishes. You can compare prices by browsing through the app’s library. It also offers tutorial videos to help you get started.